City of Vancouver

Vancouver City Hall

Since reading City Making in Paradise, I have become more aware of why and how a city looks and functions in the way it does. In this spirit of pilgrimage, I visited Vancouver City Hall earlier this week, where many important decisions regarding Vancouver’s infrastructure, services, etc. are made. This “new” Vancouver City Hall, in […]

Moon from Balcony

Peacock Chair with Moon

Even though I’ve had my little camera for a couple of years, we’re still getting used to one another. Taken in mid-May of this year from my balcony, I tried to capture the full moon. I think I missed getting the setting right for a night sky picture, but I liked how it captured the […]

Gordon Wood School

One Room Schoolhouse

Earlier today I took the bus to Broadway and MacDonald to do errands. On the way back, because it was such a beautiful, sunny day,  I randomly got off the bus and walked around. I ended up at MacDonald and West 7th Ave. This part of the street dead-ends into a park behind General Gordon […]

SFU Library at Harbour Centre

Belzberg Library

One of my clients used to rent office space in a building directly across from SFU Harbour Centre. Simon Fraser University has several campuses and buildings downtown. But ever since I caught a glimpse of a library through the large, front windows, I’ve wanted to check it out. So one day in May, I strode […]

Apartment Buidling Flower Bed

Flower Bed

I pass by this apartment building all the time on my way to Davie Street. For the length of the building, they don’t have grass; just flower beds on either side of the entrance. There’s always something interesting growing there. In summer, it’s a riot of colour. It’s not so bad in the spring either. […]

Foto Friday


I have been watching the annual fireworks display from my balcony ever since I moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver. It started out as Symphony of Fire, sponsored by Benson & Hedges, but when the Canadian tobacco advertising laws changed in 2000,  another sponsor was found and the competition was renamed Celebration of Light.  One of […]

Friends & Family

Afternoon with the Bard

Earlier this week, I had the good fortune to attend a matinee performance of The Tempest on the Main Stage of Bard on the Beach. My friend Maggie was given two tickets, and she asked me if I wanted to go. Of course I said yes! Walking to Vanier Park, the greyness of the day […]

From Journals Past

Mystery Pain – Fragment 54

From the beginning, there was something strange about the pain. It was not an ache or a jab. It did not throb like a low-tuned drum. The pain was like nothing she had ever experienced before, and so far, as of 2:37 p.m. on this Thursday afternoon, it was the most unique event to occur […]


Imitation versus Breaking

The Imitation Game is the story of the brilliant mathematician who broke the Enigma code during World War II. I hesitated going to see it because I was such a fan of Breaking the Code (BBC, 1996). Putting aside the fact the Derek Jacobi was in his mid-50s when playing Alan Turing (in his late […]


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