Foto Friday

Stranger in Her Skin – Fragment #87

On this grey Thursday morning, waking up with no particular place to be, Kim supposed the world was an interesting place. But it was so noisy and busy and loud. It constantly distracted her from her thoughts, her hopes, her dreams. She wanted to be an architect, but she never made the algebra requirement. She […]

Depressed Espresso?

Since I really did run out of coffee this morning, I thought this picture would be very appropriate for Foto Friday. While “Depresso” does indeed perfectly describe that feeling upon discovering you first have to go out and buy some coffee before you can make it, I think it could easily describe how discouraged the […]

The Audition – Fragment #86

On her way to work she quietly hummed “It’s a little bit funny” under her breath, and all throughout the day, when she was alone or far enough away from anyone else to hear. Elton John’s “Your Song” suited her mid-range voice perfectly. She related to it instantly the very first time she heard it: […]

Fountain at Broadway Tech Centre

Fountain at Broadway Tech Centre

Yesterday I received an email from the company housed in the Broadway Tech Centre campus. I didn’t get the job. Since I really need to land some sort of steady employment soon, this outcome was very disappointing. In the email, the HR person stated that “At this time, we have decided to move forward with […]

Here Be Dragons – Fragment #85

She confesses to herself that she is drawn to Bryant’s smile and blue eyes and the golden kiss of his skin and his hands, with slender fingers, always in motion when he speaks. He is beautiful – she has never been in a serious relationship with anyone so beautiful before. It seems like a miracle, […]

Memories of Maggie

Three weeks ago today, I discovered that Maggie had passed away in September. It’s taken me all this time to write this for several reasons, but mostly because I felt embarrassed that I didn’t know sooner. We lived in the same apartment block, Maggie one floor below me. I can’t remember when she moved in, but […]

Lost Things – Fragment #84

This is the sadness of lost things, she thinks as she stares in the mirror at herself. You don’t recognize them when you finally find them.