Foto Friday

Dancer – Fragment #89

She dances lightly through relationships – friends, sisters, nieces, co-workers, mere acquaintances. Pauses in mid ronde de jambe, while briefly resting her hand lightly on his arm. She briefly touches down after a cabriole, only to flee the room upon meeting his eyes. She tiptoes carefully across eggshells (crying crying crying while dancing dancing dancing) […]

Tenth Day of Christmas

Something happened this morning that really upset me and gave my concept of self-worth a sharp jab. I don’t want to talk about it because I would rather not give the incident “weight” or “importance.” But I did allow it to rule my day for a while, crawling back into bed where it was “safe.” […]

Sixth Day of Christmas

Today was a pretty laid back day. I had a leisurely breakfast while watching a Christmas movie on VOD. And then for the rest of the afternoon read, switching between More than a Wise Woman, which I started yesterday, and The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carre. I always read a le Carre novel around this […]

First Day of Christmas

For the past five years or so, I have been in the habit of ODing on Christmas movies. No matter how sappy, corny, dramatic, or funny they are, each one has a similar theme – Christmas is all about family and friends. But what if you’re 1,500 miles away from a sister you’re not as […]

Anonymous – Fragment #88

If she gave it any thought at all — and she tried not to because it was just too ridiculous, she was old enough to be his mother — she was drawn to his quiet eyes and the thoughtful formation of his sentences. She also liked the way he stood tall above everyone else in […]

Reconnecting with an Old Friend

Reconnecting with an Old Friend

I just returned home from reconnecting with an old friend. We started out as co-workers about 18 years ago now (I still don’t know where the time goes). During one of the first conversations we ever had at work, she made a comment about cubicles and not being able to breathe and I remember thinking, […]

Stranger in Her Skin – Fragment #87

On this grey Thursday morning, waking up with no particular place to be, Kim supposed the world was an interesting place. But it was so noisy and busy and loud. It constantly distracted her from her thoughts, her hopes, her dreams. She wanted to be an architect, but she never made the algebra requirement. She […]