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Tenth Day of Christmas

Something happened this morning that really upset me and gave my concept of self-worth a sharp jab. I don’t want to talk about it because I would rather not give the incident “weight” or “importance.” But I did allow it to rule my day for a while, crawling back into bed where it was “safe.” […]

Sixth Day of Christmas

Today was a pretty laid back day. I had a leisurely breakfast while watching a Christmas movie on VOD. And then for the rest of the afternoon read, switching between More than a Wise Woman, which I started yesterday, and The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carre. I always read a le Carre novel around this […]

First Day of Christmas

For the past five years or so, I have been in the habit of ODing on Christmas movies. No matter how sappy, corny, dramatic, or funny they are, each one has a similar theme – Christmas is all about family and friends. But what if you’re 1,500 miles away from a sister you’re not as […]

Reconnecting with an Old Friend

Reconnecting with an Old Friend

I just returned home from reconnecting with an old friend. We started out as co-workers about 18 years ago now (I still don’t know where the time goes). During one of the first conversations we ever had at work, she made a comment about cubicles and not being able to breathe and I remember thinking, […]

Memories of Maggie

Three weeks ago today, I discovered that Maggie had passed away in September. It’s taken me all this time to write this for several reasons, but mostly because I felt embarrassed that I didn’t know sooner. We lived in the same apartment block, Maggie one floor below me. I can’t remember when she moved in, but […]

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

I just finished sending an email to a friend who now lives in Europe, and it reminded me of a picture I had taken in the spring of this year. In May, she and her husband, now living in Europe, came to Vancouver for a visit. The week before she arrived, I passed by this […]

Graduation Present

I suppose this whole chain of events began when I tried to contact my Auntie Micki. I lost touch with her after dad passed away. While I loved her dearly, she would keep me on the phone literally for hours, no matter what I said (I have to go in 15 minutes; I’m meeting someone […]