This Is the Way It Is

Bus Ride

Going back the way I came, clutching possessions both acquired & lost, I am no closer to love, even after all this time, resembling anything like truth. Mountains tower & fade. Leaves are mottled by shadows and secrets. A broken bird, too far from anywhere, I sit in this seat, the miles passing beneath these […]

Family Day – Fragment #79

Hilary was fine until around two o’clock when the party she had been invited to was scheduled to begin – hayride, barbecued hamburgers or hot dogs, bring a bathing suit if you want to use the pool. She sat in the red velvet wingback chair in the corner of the living room supposedly reading Cormier’s […]

Fireworks Twenty Years Later

Twenty years ago, I moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver in the second week of June 1997, for a job with a software company. A week after moving into my apartment, I had to call the building manager about some light sockets not working properly, even after checking the fuse box. The first thing he said […]


You are buried under 6 feet of fire, ice, tears, & even love; little glints of it, like sunlight hitting chrome of car bumpers. You are buried alive in the odd photo; in memories as vivid as your face illuminated orange before you blow out a match; in several mementos collected, overshadowed, in a drawer. […]

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

I just finished sending an email to a friend who now lives in Europe, and it reminded me of a picture I had taken in the spring of this year. In May, she and her husband, now living in Europe, came to Vancouver for a visit. The week before she arrived, I passed by this […]


She remains at a crossroads, this new road unfamiliar territory. She is afraid to move forward, to step out, to stride confidently from this safe place. What jazz riff is this with no progression; no diminished fifths moving back to the centre, but forward at the same time. She expects being on her own to […]

Stone Wall

Stone Wall

This morning I had an interview at the Jim Pattison Pavillion for a library technician position. It was for 11 a.m. and I arrived at 10:19 a.m. I was just a little bit early. I left the house much earlier than I needed to because I wasn’t familiar with that part of Vancouver General Hospital […]