This Is the Way It Is

Happier Endings

I shrink in the night. Like any woman waiting, Raggedy Ann bleeds sawdust. My flesh hangs loose on a borrowed frame, as though I were laundered cotton. Alice drinks from curiosity. In the end, a man is three wishes and no more. Some assembly is required to tell the truth. Feast on a French theme– […]

Imaginary Friend – Fragment #83

Tony, the alligator, sat in bedazzled rhinestone splendor on the swing beside her. The swing set was a birthday present – her birthday being in February necessitated waiting until spring when the snow had melted before her father spent half a Sunday afternoon putting it together. The poles that formed the frame were a bright […]


I touch your skin, a costume; your face, a mask. The lamb, I can see; the wolf stays hidden. The pillowcase is empty but my memory is full of the tricks you played on me. I will not be carved like a jack-o-lantern, while your eyes are never where they should be, and your nose […]


I walk on strange territory when I think of you. I feel Stonehenge in your arms, and fear the circle of power that surrounds me after a simple touch. If it is not you, in this room where I feel safe, I am the lone tree, bent struggling against the winds, waiting for the knight […]

Visible into Invisible – Fragment #82

She despises the thought of him, or rather, despises herself for allowing him to treat her in ways that left her scarred and still feeling marginalized even after all this time. In her stories, he appears in various guises – as a character who speaks unkind words; as an anti-hero who is intelligently mean-spirited; as […]

Empty Canvas

This conversation was supposed to be about you. (about how you twist the fragile strands of meanings like strings in cat’s cradle; about your eyes like crystal balls marred by too many fingerprints) I have secrets, you tell me. (as if I didn’t know; as if I’ve never heard them rumble like trains along their […]

My Maple Syrup Taste Test

Thinking about posts for my Canada 150 series, it occurred to me that, at least to my knowledge, I never had maple syrup before. My mother always bought pancake syrup, and when I moved away from home, I purchased table syrup simply because it was much cheaper. If I ever encountered it in a restaurant, […]