This Is the Way It Is

My Maple Syrup Taste Test

Thinking about posts for my Canada 150 series, it occurred to me that, at least to my knowledge, I never had maple syrup before. My mother always bought pancake syrup, and when I moved away from home, I purchased table syrup simply because it was much cheaper. If I ever encountered it in a restaurant, […]


one touch a conversation a glance eye hear you look at me, and I disappear through the keyhole of your eyes. putting away the milk jug, I find something lost in amongst the cheese and the leftovers.

Canadian Thanksgiving

When I worked at Chancery Software (now defunct if you were wondering why I actually named a place I previously worked for), over 80% of our customer base was in the US. Year three into application support and chatting with people while data did its thing, after being asked many times why Canadian Thanksgiving was […]

Life after Divorce – Fragment #81

Today, even though the sun shines warm and there are vanilla ice cream clouds floating by overhead, is not a good day emotionally for Mandy. She woke up angry, and now, hurrying to meet Carol for lunch, she’s angry still. Mandy feels afraid of this anger; how it seems to be omnipresent, while she’s fine […]


I am a time traveller, discovering you again through images painted on the walls of caves. It can’t be this simple. This looking at you through millennia and fossils so small they dance upon my palm. I had forgotten the great desert distances I travelled just to touch you; forgotten your talons, and all the […]


Dr. Coppelius gives me life, pensive and poor. You leave a cigarette alive in the ashtray. My questions go unanswered. Promises are ashes. I need you like a pen. We are afterthoughts. I wait for Time to fill me like an empty jug. You appear in my dreams as a dragon, leaving me seared by […]

Canadian Horse Extravaganza

  The day (Aug. 23rd) I went to see the RCMP Musical Ride, was the same day I found out about the Canadian Horse, the National Horse of Canada. Needless to say, I had no idea that Canada had a National horse. Of course, since it’s the year of Canada’s 150th birthday, I’m including this […]