This Is the Way It Is

Back to Normal

It’s just hit me that we are heading into the middle of January already and I’m just emerging from a Christmas celebration mindset. I did manage to celebrate all Twelve Days of Christmas, posting only one to ten. But I did impress myself with that I wrote for my blog ten days straight. That actually […]

Mountain Seen

Still reflection, reflection still, his words are stones thrown against the wall around her heart. The snowcapped mountains of his eyes deny they have ever spoken her name. A kiss of mist, mist of a kiss makes her doubt herself; makes her wonder if she’s not a ghost. She blinks under his gaze, as though […]

Tenth Day of Christmas

Something happened this morning that really upset me and gave my concept of self-worth a sharp jab. I don’t want to talk about it because I would rather not give the incident “weight” or “importance.” But I did allow it to rule my day for a while, crawling back into bed where it was “safe.” […]

Ninth Day of Christmas

The rain returned. I’m guessing by now you know that I’m not a fan of going out in it. But I wanted to take a bus ride over the Lion’s Gate Bridge just to see Burrard Inlet – I never tire of the view, rain or shine. There’s something inspiring about seeing that stretch of […]

Eighth Day of Christmas

I didn’t intend for the Eighth Day of Christmas to be one of feasting, but it did. I woke up early this morning with another headache. So, I went back to bed with a glass of milk, two ibuprofen tablets, and The Secret Pilgrim (I’m almost finished). Sometime just before 7 a.m. I turned out […]

Seventh Day of Christmas

After all my careful planning, I did end up doing errands on New Year’s Eve day. I need more grocery items and some headache medicine. But I was out of the door by 7:30 this morning and back home in time for an early lunch. The bus on the way back was about three-quarters full. […]

Sixth Day of Christmas

Today was a pretty laid back day. I had a leisurely breakfast while watching a Christmas movie on VOD. And then for the rest of the afternoon read, switching between More than a Wise Woman, which I started yesterday, and The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carre. I always read a le Carre novel around this […]