This Is the Way It Is

The Colour Blue

She is blue. No. She means she plays the blues. No. That’s not right either. She’s trying to say she plays a blue guitar She doesn’t play a blue guitar. She actually doesn’t play any colour of guitar. She means she sees blue sky. No. She means blue sky plays blues guitar. Okay. Yes. She […]

Millionth Time is a Charm

I finally succeeded in landing a part-time job with a market research company. I’ve been there since mid-May. I didn’t want to say anything before I officially reached the probationary period in November of this past year. And then I got caught up with putting out some fires and working; and then December arrived, bringing […]

Strange Valentine

She belongs to another. But she doesn’t mind his fingertips trailing messages down her spine in a lingering caress. Another holds her heart safely in his strong fortress hands. But she doesn’t mind if the imposter kisses the back of her neck like promises never meant to be kept. She is his strange valentine; his […]

Call Back

Call me anytime. But I might not call back. I might not need to speak; only sigh wishful thinking thoughts that convey dreams I dare not share. Call me calling you. An impasse; a cross of wires disconnecting where fingertips can’t read; where time forgets the names of stones in a stream; where mountains turn […]

Back to Normal

It’s just hit me that we are heading into the middle of January already and I’m just emerging from a Christmas celebration mindset. I did manage to celebrate all Twelve Days of Christmas, posting only one to ten. But I did impress myself with that I wrote for my blog ten days straight. That actually […]

Mountain Seen

Still reflection, reflection still, his words are stones thrown against the wall around her heart. The snowcapped mountains of his eyes deny they have ever spoken her name. A kiss of mist, mist of a kiss makes her doubt herself; makes her wonder if she’s not a ghost. She blinks under his gaze, as though […]

Tenth Day of Christmas

Something happened this morning that really upset me and gave my concept of self-worth a sharp jab. I don’t want to talk about it because I would rather not give the incident “weight” or “importance.” But I did allow it to rule my day for a while, crawling back into bed where it was “safe.” […]