This Is the Way It Is

What She Wants

There is a living room with an open archway door and a bay window. She sits in the generous wingback chair, opposite the bay window, visualizing a window seat piled with patterned fabric and bold coloured pillows where she can quietly read or watch her neighbours come and go. The contractor who visited her home […]

Promote Literacy Challenge

Last week I accepted a challenge from one of my Facebook friends to post the covers of seven books I love, one book per day for seven days. Designed to promote literacy and spread ideas for a good read, part of the challenge was not to explain or review the books you chose. You just […]

Dancer – Fragment #89

She dances lightly through relationships – friends, sisters, nieces, co-workers, mere acquaintances. Pauses in mid ronde de jambe, while briefly resting her hand lightly on his arm. She briefly touches down after a cabriole, only to flee the room upon meeting his eyes. She tiptoes carefully across eggshells (crying crying crying while dancing dancing dancing) […]

For Now

it is still morning and I am hopeful that the day will bloom, unlike yesterday. For now, I am a calm lake; the only ripples are caused by ducks and geese, swimming in quiet circles. I was unsure of the breath in my lungs; it was not there yesterday, leaving me bereft and teetering on […]

Someone She Knows

says she’s all edges and angles. Or asymmetrical cubes, depending on how a person looks at her, if she were a picture. She knows if she were a map, she would have to smooth out the longitudinal lines; elongate the latitudes so that they will lead her, eventually, to a new place instead of the […]

The Colour Blue

She is blue. No. She means she plays the blues. No. That’s not right either. She’s trying to say she plays a blue guitar She doesn’t play a blue guitar. She actually doesn’t play any colour of guitar. She means she sees blue sky. No. She means blue sky plays blues guitar. Okay. Yes. She […]

Millionth Time is a Charm

I finally succeeded in landing a part-time job with a market research company. I’ve been there since mid-May. I didn’t want to say anything before I officially reached the probationary period in November of this past year. And then I got caught up with putting out some fires and working; and then December arrived, bringing […]