This Is the Way It Is

Elizabeth II and Canada’s Twenty Dollar Bill

As Canada’s head of state, Queen Elizabeth appears on our country’s twenty-dollar note and has done so since 1952, the year she became queen. Her Royal Highness first appeared as Princess Elizabeth, when she was eight years old, on the $20 bill issued in 1935, as the granddaughter of the king, George V. Over years, […]

Nothing is Different

She is determined to dance gracefully; spin slowly while her skirt billows outward drifting on soft currents of air, unseen. She suspects she has been here before, but she is not sure. Familiarity confuses her. She hears voices from the past– voices of people who have already vanished from her world. She dances again, daring […]

Toothpaste Tube – Fragment #76

She is about to sit down at the kitchen table with the mug of coffee she just poured, when Colleen appears in the doorway, bed-headed and subtly hostile, waving a toothbrush in her right hand, a tube of toothpaste in her left. Audrey wonders what she has done now to annoy her roommate; she seems […]

Macdonald and Canada’s Ten Dollar Bill

Apparently, I’m not alone in my ignorance of those iconic faces on Canada’s bank notes. According to an Ipsos Reid poll, one in four Canadians doesn’t recognize the person on the 10-dollar bill as Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister. John A. Facts John Alexander Macdonald was originally from Scotland but grew up […]

Laurier and Canada’s Five Dollar Bill

In honour of our country turning 150 this year, I decided to post 150 blogs about Canada. Between procrastination and putting out some fires, my Canada 150 blog posts took a little nap. When the idea first came to me, I thought I’d start with the paper money. Queen Elizabeth is on our $20 bill […]


He is someone like a secret that should not be told, but she sees his smile as a gauntlet dropped. Reason has no place in her heart. With every word, with each glance, her resolve melts like butter in a pan. She knows nothing about him, except one look, one small smile slays all dragons, […]

Ominous Thought

While she dances, her feet a chiaroscuro of staccato and glissade she spirals into last year’s arms – his eyes brilliant blues and greens. Back to a time when she knew she was loved. Instinct comes and goes, but as she pirouettes the world is a prettier place; a place where dreams might come to […]