This Is the Way It Is

Anonymous – Fragment #88

If she gave it any thought at all — and she tried not to because it was just too ridiculous, she was old enough to be his mother — she was drawn to his quiet eyes and the thoughtful formation of his sentences. She also liked the way he stood tall above everyone else in […]

Juliet’s Umbrella

Juliet asks Romeo for her umbrella back. But Romeo is reluctant– the umbrella is colourfully happy, with grey elephants marching authoritatively across a field of cherry red. Juliet asks Romeo for her umbrella back. But Romeo is too busy wondering if the elephants will turn pink the next time it rains.

I See You

    You mysteriously appear in depth of field. But still, I know it is you woven into the background. Mysteriously, you are there, in celebration, while I am not. Alone again, I am here without you. I am mysteriously bereft, without reason; without debate; without apologia. Although I still see you, it’s through the […]

Reconnecting with an Old Friend

Reconnecting with an Old Friend

I just returned home from reconnecting with an old friend. We started out as co-workers about 18 years ago now (I still don’t know where the time goes). During one of the first conversations we ever had at work, she made a comment about cubicles and not being able to breathe and I remember thinking, […]

Leaving Behind

Sometimes she breathes as though it doesn’t matter; as though the sun will always rise and she will be here to witness it. Sometimes she breathes and feels her lungs expand like a child giving life to a balloon. Most days, though, she is dizzy with regret and dead possibilities; lightheaded with thoughts that refuse […]

How Trout Lake Turned into Clark Park

This week hasn’t been going particularly well. (Yes, I know it’s only Tuesday.) I got some bad news on top of some other things happening or to be more precise, not happening. And on top of on top of all that, I was scrambling to meet two deadlines (which I did), woke up sick Friday, […]

Review of Week Ending on Father’s Day

This past week was an interesting one in terms of emotional wellness and fighting a bit of a cold. Add into the mix deadlines for two regular freelance clients, I ended up actually not setting foot outside of my apartment for five days straight. I woke up yesterday morning determined to go somewhere that involved […]