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Reconnecting with an Old Friend

Reconnecting with and old friend

I just returned home from reconnecting with an old friend. We started out as co-workers about 18 years ago now (I still don’t know where the time goes). During one of the first conversations we ever had at work, she made a comment about cubicles and not being able to breathe and I remember thinking, “I’m sure we’re going to end up being friends.”

We did indeed become friends. But then a bunch of time went by when we said we’d get together, never quite managing to…we just simply lost touch (or maybe it wasn’t that simple). A while back, though, we did reconnect through Facebook. And yes, you guessed correctly, it’s taken some time to actually meet in person.

It turns out we live in the same area in Vancouver. We met at her apartment building and sat in the communal garden. While it wasn’t exactly like no time had passed by as it is with some people who reconnect after long periods of time, we did have a lot of common ground topics (Celebration of Light, living in the West End, price of groceries from one shopping to the next) to get us through a few brief awkward moments.

She is also a freelance writer, and once we started talking about our freelance writing adventures, she gave me some good tips to make some much-needed improvements in the way I approach new clients.

All-in-all, it was a good visit. We have plans to do it again soon.



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