From Journals Past

Dancer – Fragment #89

She dances lightly through relationships – friends, sisters, nieces, co-workers, mere acquaintances. Pauses in mid ronde de jambe, while briefly resting her hand lightly on his arm. She briefly touches down after a cabriole, only to flee the room upon meeting his eyes. She tiptoes carefully across eggshells (crying crying crying while dancing dancing dancing) […]

Anonymous – Fragment #88

If she gave it any thought at all — and she tried not to because it was just too ridiculous, she was old enough to be his mother — she was drawn to his quiet eyes and the thoughtful formation of his sentences. She also liked the way he stood tall above everyone else in […]

Stranger in Her Skin – Fragment #87

On this grey Thursday morning, waking up with no particular place to be, Kim supposed the world was an interesting place. But it was so noisy and busy and loud. It constantly distracted her from her thoughts, her hopes, her dreams. She wanted to be an architect, but she never made the algebra requirement. She […]

The Audition – Fragment #86

On her way to work she quietly hummed “It’s a little bit funny” under her breath, and all throughout the day, when she was alone or far enough away from anyone else to hear. Elton John’s “Your Song” suited her mid-range voice perfectly. She related to it instantly the very first time she heard it: […]

Here Be Dragons – Fragment #85

She confesses to herself that she is drawn to Bryant’s smile and blue eyes and the golden kiss of his skin and his hands, with slender fingers, always in motion when he speaks. He is beautiful – she has never been in a serious relationship with anyone so beautiful before. It seems like a miracle, […]

Lost Things – Fragment #84

This is the sadness of lost things, she thinks as she stares in the mirror at herself. You don’t recognize them when you finally find them.

Imaginary Friend – Fragment #83

Tony, the alligator, sat in bedazzled rhinestone splendor on the swing beside her. The swing set was a birthday present – her birthday being in February necessitated waiting until spring when the snow had melted before her father spent half a Sunday afternoon putting it together. The poles that formed the frame were a bright […]