From Journals Past

The Caravan – Fragment #77

Hilary had flown in from Regina three days before to help Mona downsize their family home in preparation for moving their father into an assisted-living apartment. “I thought we’d tackle the backyard today,” her sister told her at the breakfast table. Their father was nowhere in sight, but vague murmurs of a TV morning show […]

Toothpaste Tube – Fragment #76

She is about to sit down at the kitchen table with the mug of coffee she just poured, when Colleen appears in the doorway, bed-headed and subtly hostile, waving a toothbrush in her right hand, a tube of toothpaste in her left. Audrey wonders what she has done now to annoy her roommate; she seems […]

Doing Homework – Fragment #75

At first, she finds the social studies unit on the Salem Witch Trials fascinating. The idea of neighbours and friends turned against one another with a few seeds of misplaced words fascinates her. But then she reads about the various tests designed to reveal if a person was a witch. In one such test, accused […]

Message – Fragment #74

He kept trying to convince her to come with him where they could save her. Because she had never before encountered such zeal woven tightly with strands of earnestness, she thought he was kidding around. “I don’t want to be saved,” she quipped, head down, searching in her purse for a fresh stick of gum.” […]

Fitting In – Fragment #73

She never feels that she really fits in anywhere – family, work, on the train, in a store. She thinks of herself being cursed, relegated to a world occupied by only her, from the minute she was told she had been adopted. For the remainder of her days, she would battle the fearless armies of […]

Starring Role – Fragment #72

She knew her life coach looked directly at her, doing all the right counsellor-type things like making eye contact, keeping her face friendly neutral, and letting her voice peak and valley in soothing tones. But Sherry was having none of that psycho-babble crap today; she probably shouldn’t have come, but if she had cancelled, she […]

Jupiter in the House – Fragment #71

These past few years have been extremely challenging for Sandra. She has been lost for some time now. Lost behind a mask carefully crafted, providing sanctuary for a face the world will never see. But in her mirror, her eyes reveal planetary movements that shift her from Jupiter’s good intentions into cosmic revelations of doors […]