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Fountain at Broadway Tech Centre

Fountain at Broadway Tech Centre

Yesterday I received an email from the company housed in the Broadway Tech Centre campus. I didn’t get the job. Since I really need to land some sort of steady employment soon, this outcome was very disappointing. In the email, the HR person stated that “At this time, we have decided to move forward with […]

Broadway Tech Centre

Since my face-to-face interview of January 10th, I have had three telephone interviews that segued into radio silence. But on February 25th, I submitted my application to a Vancouver company for a CSR position in the financial sector. While even the slightest mention of math of any kind gives me a brain freeze, the job […]

First Interview of 2018

This afternoon I had my first interview of 2018. I actually applied for the Customer Service Representative position last month and forgot about it until last week when I was contacted for an interview. The company is in downtown Vancouver and if there is ever another transit strike, I could walk there. From their corporate […]

Fireworks Twenty Years Later

Twenty years ago, I moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver in the second week of June 1997, for a job with a software company. A week after moving into my apartment, I had to call the building manager about some light sockets not working properly, even after checking the fuse box. The first thing he said […]

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

I just finished sending an email to a friend who now lives in Europe, and it reminded me of a picture I had taken in the spring of this year. In May, she and her husband, now living in Europe, came to Vancouver for a visit. The week before she arrived, I passed by this […]

My Snow Day

When I opened the curtains this morning, I saw there was snow on the roofs of the buildings. I was extremely disappointed because it had snowed overnight and it appeared that I had missed it. But later on, it began again and still hasn’t stopped as I am posting this. I could have been perfectly […]

Exploring Vanier Park

I diligently worked for three hours this morning and then gave up. I couldn’t let another sunny Vancouver day go to waste. I headed out with my journal and my camera. I took the bus to Cypress and Cornwall, walking down Cornwall until I encountered the Centennial Totem Pole, situated street-side of the Vancouver Maritime […]