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First Interview of 2018

This afternoon I had my first interview of 2018. I actually applied for the Customer Service Representative position last month and forgot about it until last week when I was contacted for an interview. The company is in downtown Vancouver and if there is ever another transit strike, I could walk there. From their corporate […]

Page One

The picture is of the palm of my hand – I was so focused on getting the shot right that I hadn’t realized I was covering the lens. I was going to delete the photo, but the more I looked at it, the more fitting it seemed for a blog post about New Year’s Day, […]

My Maple Syrup Taste Test

Thinking about posts for my Canada 150 series, it occurred to me that, at least to my knowledge, I never had maple syrup before. My mother always bought pancake syrup, and when I moved away from home, I purchased table syrup simply because it was much cheaper. If I ever encountered it in a restaurant, […]

Fireworks Twenty Years Later

Twenty years ago, I moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver in the second week of June 1997, for a job with a software company. A week after moving into my apartment, I had to call the building manager about some light sockets not working properly, even after checking the fuse box. The first thing he said […]

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

I just finished sending an email to a friend who now lives in Europe, and it reminded me of a picture I had taken in the spring of this year. In May, she and her husband, now living in Europe, came to Vancouver for a visit. The week before she arrived, I passed by this […]

Canada’s Love Affair with KD

Last night I did something very patriotic and made Kraft Dinner for supper. Well, perhaps patriotic is a bit of a stretch, but apparently former Prime Minister Paul Martin admits that KD is his favourite food and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper confesses he often made Kraft Dinner for his children. Canadians eat 55% more […]

Laurier and Canada’s Five Dollar Bill

In honour of our country turning 150 this year, I decided to post 150 blogs about Canada. Between procrastination and putting out some fires, my Canada 150 blog posts took a little nap. When the idea first came to me, I thought I’d start with the paper money. Queen Elizabeth is on our $20 bill […]