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Fourth Day of Christmas


Poinsettia / Ephien / Flickr Creative Commons

When I woke up this morning, it was seriously raining. Since I had some errands that needed doing by year-end, I decided I would do those first. Then I’d pop into Gingerbread Lane (last day today) at the Hyatt Vancouver for my Fourth Day of Christmas experience. Even though I really didn’t want to go outside, I braved the windy rainy cold-for-Vancouver day because I knew if I waited until it got closer to the New Year, it would be even busier.

After completing two of the three errands on the to-do list, my pant legs were wet up to mid-calf, I could have wrung out my runners by hand, and the same went for the left sleeve of my jacket (the arm not holding the umbrella).

By the time I reached the bank, I was thoroughly soaked. Of course, there was a long lineup. Just for fun, I counted the heads ahead of me – I was number 13. Since I do admit to being somewhat superstitious, 13th in line didn’t make me very happy. And then when I went to fish my book out of my purse, I discovered I didn’t bring anything to read – that didn’t improve my mood any, either.

And then I noticed the poinsettias. They were everywhere: on countertops, in rows on tables, and on top of filing cabinets. The poinsettias, with their royal red leaves, reminded me of my commitment to the Twelve Days of Christmas. I was pretty sure feeling grumpy wasn’t part of that recipe. When I looked behind me, my mood was greatly upgraded: I might be 11th in line (now), but a lot more people had joined the line in the meantime.

When I reached the bank teller and told her that I wanted one roll of looneys from my chequing account, she laughed, a warm encompassing sound that brightened my day. “Doing laundry?” she mischievously asked. And when I agreed, she laughed again, adding, “I think I’ll be joining you soon!”

While I was in a much better mood even though I had to brave more inclement weather, I felt justified in leaving Gingerbread Lane for next year. I wanted to go home to a late lunch of soup, sandwich and “Computer: tea, Earl Grey, hot.”

And it’s still raining as I’m writing this!


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