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Broadway Tech Centre

Virtual Way Broadway Tech Centre

Broadway Tech Centre at the intersection of Renfrew St. and Virtual Way

Since my face-to-face interview of January 10th, I have had three telephone interviews that segued into radio silence. But on February 25th, I submitted my application to a Vancouver company for a CSR position in the financial sector. While even the slightest mention of math of any kind gives me a brain freeze, the job description intrigued me enough to send in my resume. The fourth telephone interview of 2018 advanced me to step #2, but as soon as I heard there was testing involved, I resigned myself to going through the motions (I don’t test very well). To my surprise, I passed the online testing, proceeding to step #3, a face-to-face interview, which I had yesterday afternoon.

I felt the interview went great. There’s shift work involved, which I’d prefer to avoid, but I’ll happily make it work if I land the job. The interviewer spent five minutes detailing the company’s benefits, which is always a good sign – the theory being they’re not going to waste the time if you’re not a serious contender.

However, what impressed me the most was the location, the Broadway Tech Centre on Virtual Way. I’d heard of the street before but hadn’t realized it was a campus-style technology park consisting of a number of building that incorporates sustainability features. Yesterday was cold, rainy and windy, but before I caught the bus home, I just had to wander around and explore a bit.


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