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First Interview of 2018

This afternoon I had my first interview of 2018. I actually applied for the Customer Service Representative position last month and forgot about it until last week when I was contacted for an interview. The company is in downtown Vancouver and if there is ever another transit strike, I could walk there. From their corporate website and online presence, it seems like a good place to work.

At the end of December, I made some job search goals for 2018. I would like to have a part-time or full-time job by mid-February or the end of March at the latest. It’s crunch time – I will no longer have a permanent address as of June 1st. I promised myself I wouldn’t panic, wouldn’t procrastinate, and wouldn’t allow myself to be in denial – instead I would be proactive and remain calm.

During this process, I realized that it wasn’t enough to just say to myself that “I want a job.” I needed a clear direction. I made a 6-month budget, set daily job hunting targets, redefined my freelance writing goals, and determined what I wanted in a job.

First, in no particular order, here is what I don’t want working full-time:

  • to travel further than New West
  • to work for minimum wage
  • blurred lines between my life and work life
  • supervisors who ask for suggestions then ignore the answers

What I want in a job is harder for me to articulate. Again in no particular order of importance:

  • flexibility
  • a decent wage
  • helping people
  • opportunities for growth, both personal and professional

I sometimes feel I don’t interview very well. Going into the interview today I was determined to be focussed, answer each question mindfully, and stay on track with my replies. We walk into the room, the interviewer asks me to sit at the small conference table, and the first thing I notice is her white mug. It says “Reading is sexy” in black type accompanied by a pair of reading glasses.

Reading is sexy mugI was told I would be contacted by the manager of the department sometime next week if I advanced to the second interview stage. I don’t mind. I felt like the interviewer and I had a lot in common. Whatever happens, it was worth it just to meet the Reading is Sexy mug.


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