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Seeing is Believing

Yesterday, I went to the eye specialist for my second follow-up visit after my cataract surgery that I had on December 15th. Since I don’t’ use glasses for reading, just for far away, at least I could read (sort of). The doctor alerted me to the fact that my right eye would be slightly blurry until I changed the lens of my glasses to accommodate the improvement of the sight in my right eye. But watching television was challenging because I experienced beams and splashes of light from various light sources. And there wasn’t one full moon in December – there were two (Mama Moon and Baby Moon). I knew there would be some recovery time but I’ve been really worried about my eyesight since heading in New Year’s Eve with no apparent improvement.

In her office, she examined my eyes again and said everything was fine. When I told her about the beams of light I experience when looking at headlights, street lamps, and other types of light sources, the doctor explained that the halos or glare would diminish eventually, but might never disappear entirely. The new lens looked great, she reassured me.

I Googled before writing this post and essentially sensitivity to glare from light sources is a result of aging. I guess when the doctor warned me the halos might never disappear entirely, she was too polite to say I’m getting old! She was, however, very amused about my tale of the two full moons.

So I still will be wearing glasses for distance because of the left eye, and I will be filling the prescription for the new eyeglasses lens at the end of the week. In a way, I am relieved that I still need glasses, because I just got new ones in the summer of last year. I really like them and since they’re still newish, I’m not ready to part with them just yet.


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