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Imaginary Friend – Fragment #83

Tony, the alligator, sat in bedazzled rhinestone splendor on the swing beside her. The swing set was a birthday present – her birthday being in February necessitated waiting until spring when the snow had melted before her father spent half a Sunday afternoon putting it together. The poles that formed the frame were a bright forest green, and the four wood seats were alternately red yellow red yellow. Tony, the alligator, confidently sat in the second red swing, swishing his large bedazzled tail in anticipation of the start of this new grand adventure. Hilary daintily ensconced in the yellow swing next to him pushed off with her right foot.

She swung back and forth in contented silence for a minute before confessing to Tony, the alligator, why they were hiding out on the swing set safely screened from the kitchen window by the large oak tree nearby. Hilary on instruction from Mother to go outside to play had first detoured to the kitchen for a quick snack. But the tin of peanut butter had skittered from her small hands and landed thunk right in the middle of her mother’s freshly baked lemon meringue pie left on the counter to cool. She had cleaned off the tin to the best of her ability and returned it – without a snack – to the cupboard.

Her body a pendulum, her short legs thrusting through the air, her face serious, “Do you think Mother will notice the dent in the middle of the meringue?” she asked Tony the bedazzled alligator.


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