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The Bun – Fragment #78

Sylvie met Sam while volunteering at a local children’s theatre company. She was sixteen; he was twenty-three. She liked him the minute he had come over to the flat she had been working on and told her to stop. She did – the hammer halted in mid-air; the nail saved from being mashed into the […]

Canada’s Love Affair with KD

Last night I did something very patriotic and made Kraft Dinner for supper. Well, perhaps patriotic is a bit of a stretch, but apparently former Prime Minister Paul Martin admits that KD is his favourite food and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper confesses he often made Kraft Dinner for his children. Canadians eat 55% more […]

Singing O Canada

  I get mixed up when I sing our National Anthem. They changed the words on me in 1980 and I’ve been confused ever since. First performed in 1880, it was originally written in Quebec in French and called “Chant National” – words by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier, music by Calixa Lavallee. Before 1880, English Canada […]

Through the Years

She wishes she could talk to her again. Explain how small she feels passing through the years. She wishes she could gather the child she was in her arms; gather together all the clues scattered throughout her time here on earth; analyze them, rearrange the facts until they both can make sense of this chaos […]

Taken Seriously

She stands tall against the winds of skepticism and unkind words. Her path is clear. This journey she has embarked upon is of her own choosing. She cares, but does not mind, that she travels alone. She stands tall in front of barred gates and reasoned indifference. They, the all-powerful they, can do as they […]