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Discovering Canada in 2017

Discovering Canada

In honour of our country turning 150 this year, I’ve decided to post 150 blogs about Canada. It’s not just because of Canada’s birthday: 2017 marks my 20th anniversary moving to Vancouver from Winnipeg; it’s also the year I’ll be celebrating a milestone birthday of my own.

When the idea first popped into my head, I thought I’d start with the paper money. I knew why the Queen was on the $20 bill (she is the country’s official head of state). But why were these four particular prime ministers chosen over any of the others? Ruminating made me realize that for all of the years I’ve used Canadian money, there were things I didn’t know. What else about this great country of ours have I been oblivious to?

Don’t panic! These 150 blog posts won’t be a bunch of history lessons. When I first saw Canada 150 ads on television, my reaction was to travel across Canada to take part in the year-long celebrations. Since that is not remotely possible, this series of posts will be my personal discovery, if you will, of the country where I was born and have lived all of my life – without leaving the city I am currently residing in.

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