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Last night as I was getting ready to bring in the New Year, I went to one of my decorative boxes in search of a necklace. In addition to the boxes dotted all over the bedroom, the second drawer of the nightstand is filled with jewelry pieces I have collected over a long period of time. After searching several likely places, I still couldn’t find the gold chain I was looking for.

A small cardboard cabinet with three small drawers looked promising. When I pulled out the middle drawer where I thought the necklace might be I discovered instead a bunch of pins. I thought the bedroom was pretty much sorted out, only to be reminded that good intentions really do pave the road to you know where. In the spirit of paring down, I plunked all of the pins, including costume jewelry brooches, on to a lid and was about to ferry them to the trash when I noticed a gold elephant with a jade body.

It was too pretty to throw away. Okay, I’ll keep the brooches and get rid of the souvenir pins. Then I discovered a gold metal maple leaf – given to me by a Rocky Mountaineer staff member who said they only gave them out to passengers, but I should be rewarded for seeing off family at 5 in the morning (Dad and Uncle Frank leaving Vancouver). A gold embossed plastic red heart – one of mother’s little Valentine gifts. A Fantasy Theatre for Children pin commemorates my involvement with a Winnipeg acting group. Various Winnipeg and Manitoba souvenir pins pressed upon me after interviews with different local politicians when I freelanced for a group of community newspapers. Okay, I’ll keep the pins.

On this night of all nights, I didn’t want to be pinned to the past. I wanted New – I wanted Different – I wanted to be Someone Else in 2017. Then I chanced upon my Canada Centennial lapel pin from 1967  (I tried talking my parents into going to Montreal). Which reminded my that this year Canada is turning 150. Which reminded me that I’m turning __ (there I said it).

So instead of a list of New Year resolutions, here is my list of things I’m looking forward to in 2017:

  • participating in at least 10 Canada Day events
  • planning a birthday party I won’t forget
  • celebrating the everyday things I take for granted
  • improved mental wellness
  • a more organized living space (FYI the jewelry drawer in empty and waiting for reassignment; jewelry has been sorted and put into the appropriate “jewelry box”
  • finding a permanent part or full-time job (contact me with any leads, please)
  • benefits of more consistent blog posts
  • more visits to the movie theatre (I let that slide in 2016)

I’m definitely in a better frame of mind regarding the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!


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