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Starring Role – Fragment #72

She knew her life coach looked directly at her, doing all the right counsellor-type things like making eye contact, keeping her face friendly neutral, and letting her voice peak and valley in soothing tones. But Sherry was having none of that psycho-babble crap today; she probably shouldn’t have come, but if she had cancelled, she would have been charged for the session anyway. Sherry, turning her head slightly to the left, focussed her attention instead on the tops of trees barely revealing themselves through the window.

“If you had the starring role in a play, who would you be, how would you dress, what would you do?”

Sherry thought for a while, and then grudgingly admitted to herself that it was an interesting question. Her knee-jerk reaction was princess, castle, designer dresses, good hair every day, cutting-edge leader. Although if she was being honest, more like invisible, invisible woman, floating in space, wearing nothing but air, not doing much of anything. But Sherry remained silent, not bothering to turn her gaze from the window.


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