Productive Weekend

Thift store at Granville and Drake

Image source: Wildlife Thrift Store website

My paring down, clearing out and living simply with less stuff project came to a grinding halt after getting the flu in March. Once I recovered, I managed to complete daily freelancing tasks all right but didn’t seem to have much energy for anything else. This weekend, I tackled shoes and purses in my bedroom closet and the outdoor coats hanging in the hall walk-in closet.

I thought I had to buy some new dress shoes, but to my surprise, once I cleaned the leather ones and brushed the suede ones, I ended up throwing out only one pair of dead sandals. I will also have to replace my athletic shoes; the soles are discreetly coming away from the body of the shoe.

Three of the coats stored in the hall closet, I brought with me from Winnipeg. Yeah, that’s how long there were in there. The seven others just don’t fit any longer. Hope might spring eternal but facts are facts. I packed the coats into two big carrier bags and hauled them off to the Wildlife Thrift Store near where I live. I will have to make another trip later this week for the purses.

Next weekend, I’m still sticking with the bedroom closet – a lot of the space is occupied by clothes I “intend” on wearing again. Hope can be a great motivator, but denial is unproductive.


2 comments on “Productive Weekend

  1. Love this; after a day of doing none of what I planned to do, this is the way it is and that’s okay! Although I really don’t like being unproductive, but that’s okay for today.

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