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Without ID

I should have gone to an ICBC office to renew my BC picture Identification Card on or just shortly before my birthday in February. But around that time, my personal life got interesting, and while I was dealing with that, I got sick. And after recuperating, procrastination kicked in.

However, I was determined not to let things slide until my next birthday. Earlier this week, I headed off to an ICBC location downtown to renew my picture ID and apply for the new BC health insurance card. The BC government is replacing the old CareCard with the new BC Services Card; everyone needs to switch by February 2018.

I arrived at reception just before 9 a.m. and was assigned a number. The wait really wasn’t that long. I went to customer service station No. 9. I answered some questions, paid the renewal fee, handed over the two cards, and got my picture taken. That was it; I was ready to go. But wait…I didn’t get my cards back. The CSR explained that you don’t get them back; you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for the new ones. (I guess that’s why ICBC suggests you renew your ID a month ahead of the official expiry date).

What do I do if I’m asked for identification? And what if I have to go the doctor? The customer service agent said that I just needed my health care number, which could be found on any Medical Services Plan invoice; didn’t have any suggestions for what to do in case I was asked for photo ID.

I left the ICBC office around 9:50 a.m. feeling weird without official ID in my wallet. I know it’s irrational, but while walking to the bus, this whole scenario of me getting arrested and thrown in jail because I don’t  have my BCID on me popped into my head.

I carry my SIN card and birth certificate in my purse just in case. Three days later, I still feel weird leaving the apartment without official picture ID. Only 39 days to go…but who’s counting?


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