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Running shoe on bus seat

Shoe (not mine) left on bus

I don’t want to sound like I’m constantly complaining about everyday hardships. But it seems like I’ve been struggling uphill for such a long time now. Last month, my personal resilience plummeted, and it appeared I was incapable of adapting after setbacks, disappointments and high levels of stress.

However, today, especially after my weekend of self-care, I was reminded of how I possess the ability to bounce back, change course and move on.

The editor, not happy with the lead sentence of a story I had filed, wanted it rewritten. I thought he would go back to his desk while I did as he asked, but he didn’t move – he was parked firmly behind my right shoulder. So I started the rewrite, blocking out his presence as best I could.

After several words, I hit “Enter” and began again. I kept typing words then pressing the enter key until I had a new line. After five fresh starts, I finally had a complete sentence I was happy with. I cut and paste the rewrite so that it appeared at the beginning of the paragraph and deleted the unwanted copy.

Before he left, he told me, “I’ve never seen anyone do that before. Just keep typing thoughts until they get it right.”

It never occurred to me until this weekend that my intuitive writing process could be applied to other areas of my life. I am fed up with feeling like pasta in soup reheated one too many times – helpless and ineffectual. I can listen, be engaged, participate and learn.Recently a friend reached out and gave me some practical help. Remembering her act of thoughtfulness inspired me to take action. Just like getting the lead of a story right, I can rewrite my attitude until the bad stuff is reduced to background noise and all that matters is the adventure of moving forward.

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