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Angry and Confused – Fragment #63

It’s 3:30 in the morning and they have been arguing ever since they returned from the Christmas party at Jen’s house. She knows he’s drunk — heck, if she’s being honest, they’re both under the influence even though she was technically the designated driver. She is resentful, angry and confused and about to put an end to this nonsense by heading to the bathroom to remove her makeup before getting undressed when he speaks.

It’s a confession, really. Only a few seconds before, he slurred his words while talking, standing next to the breakfast bar, weaving unsteadily on his feet. But now, understandable and unmistakable, he admits, “You know something? I’ve only really been truly in love once.” Then he turns and walks into the bedroom. Of course the implication is clear — the person he truly loves is definitely not her.


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