You appear
on my telephone
with unspoken apologies.

Words are wombs,
but I am unsure
of the message
you hold in your hands.

I exist
where there are no reflections;
no lies to cast shadows.

worn like a coat,
keeps out the cold,
but not the danger.

A child and her father
walk in a lagging line
across my vision.
The man’s hand reaches out
toward the girl’s,
but our eyes
never touch.

We manacle one another
with uncertainty.

Meanings are pantomimes.

I add you
to my list
of casualties.


2 comments on “Apology

  1. Don’t ever look for love; Love comes at first sight; If it doesn’t it isn’t love. Friendship is limiting; Be ready. You’re not alive to have friends anyway. You are alive to find your Self. If LOVE strikes, go with it. It’s the greatest gift. If it doesn’t, live quietly with your Self. Drink the early morning bliss of every day. Look up at the sky. Climb mountains and jump over streams while listening to the wind, the birds, and the underlying silence of your body. A person, LOVE at first sight, is waiting for you in that direction.

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