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Another Wall

It stands strong,
this other wall
around my heart–
built of careless words
and empty touches;
weathered by the winds
of your indifference.

It stands impenetrable.
Guarded by brambles
and tangled, thorny roses,
my heart sleeps,
safe and protected for one hundred years.

Far off in the distance,
a lone Knight
makes his slow and heavy way
to this sacred, sleeping place.
He does not know
a dragon lies in wait.

I have no idea
what she will do
when she sees the Knight
on his plodding horse–

if she will be fierce
with her foe,
or if she
will breathe gently
on him.

You may scribble
whatever you like
on the walls–
if you dare–
in between the brambles
and the thorns–
angry slogan
or graffiti hearts
in fluorescent paint.

They have battled and gone–
the Knight, the Dragon, the Maiden;
her heart heating
at last
after a hundred years.


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