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Princess Kelaya – Fragment #61

Once upon a time, in a land long, long ago, and oh so very, very far away, there lived a princess named Kelaya.

Princess Kelaya liked to spend time with her friends, eat lots of ice cream, and play her trumpet. But the thing she liked to do the best was to go out in the woods, early in the morning and sit very still, waiting for the deer and chipmunks and foxes to come to the edge of the pond for sweet sips of the cold, clear water.

One morning, as Princess Kelaya sat still as mouse watching the mist rise slowly up from the water’s surface, there appeared a mysterious jester by the name of Ronaldo, playing a blue guitar. At first she was unsure, and maybe a little bit afraid, but then the beautiful creature smiled. And in that instant, the world, for Princess Kelaya, became a very interesting place indeed.


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