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Beautiful Daughter – Fragment #57

They were sitting on the terraced area that her husband had built from scratch, wrestling the grey paving stones into place like a sumo wrestler. In a comfortable silence, in the shade of the awning, Calli looked proudly at her beautiful daughter, Mary. A jug of freshly squeezed lemonade sat prettily decorated with glistening beads of condensation on a table between them. The ice cubes in her glass made a merry percussive sound with each sip.

“So,” Calli said, “you haven’t visited us in a while. Just an observation,” she spoke quickly before her daughter could react defensively. “Did you come to ask me to help plan your wedding?” she asked hopefully in a lighthearted, joking way.

Mary carefully set her glass of lemonade down before replying. “No, Mom,” she spoke gently as though to someone terminally ill. “I came today to tell you I’m Lesbian.” Mary stared back into her mother’s terrified eyes. “It’s time…it’s time I came out. It’s time to stop….” Mary’s voice trailed away, words she meant to say lost shimmering on the warm summer air.


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