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“You don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.” ~ John Green

Today being Father’s Day, it’s easy for my mind to drift back to some memorable times I shared with my dad. I have so many tales I could tell about Daddy-O, as he often referred to himself in later years. But here are my top three all-time favourites.

Memory #1 Soccer Ball and Flower Bed

Flashback of a family trip to England (sorry, sis, you weren’t born yet). I remember accompanying my father to a small shop. We had to go down some stone stairs to enter. He bought me an official size red soccer ball in a yellow string bag. While visiting my Nana England (to differentiate from the one living in Canada), my dad took me out into the garden. When I kicked the soccer ball into the flower bed, he warned me not let my grandmother find out, as she was very particular about her flowers. After sharing this memory years later, dad assured me that I couldn’t possibly remember what had happened since I was just two and a half at the time. (Sorry Dad, the flowers were pink and tall).

Memory #2 Projectionist Booth

I once jokingly told a friend that I spent my childhood and teen years in a projectionist booth, and her response was, “Now that’s my idea of a perfect childhood.” It’s true though. My dad wasn’t shy about taking me to work with him (King’s Theatre), as long as the movie being shown was age appropriate. In later years, he was projectionist at the Convention Centre Theatre. I would sit in the balcony (King’s) or at the back near the booth door (Convention Centre) or if it was busy, actually watch the movie from the booth. No wonder I love movies so much.

Memory #3 Choosing a Seat

The first time my father mimed a couple choosing a seat in a movie theatre was at a Sunday dinner when my grandmother was over. I have no idea what inspired the impromptu theatrics, but to this day I remember Dad in the dining room conjuring up for our entertainment, two indecisive people, complete with popcorn and drinks, trying to decide where to sit.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

My Dad

Dad at a family gathering in 2005.

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