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In the Eye of the Beholder

Closet Doors Bedroom Before

This morning I woke up startled, wondering who was in bed with me. Then I realized that it was just me; not an actual intruder.

My closet doors have been a sore point for a long while now. They were hollow core folding closet doors popular when my apartment block was first built. About four years after I moved in, the door on the left side fell apart. DD, the building manager, said that I really needed new closet doors. What I got was a replacement door for the left side only. It never fit properly into the hardware that would have secured it to the floor.

Time passed. Every so often, I asked the building manager when they would be replaced. DD typically mumbled words like budget, priority, next year. It wasn’t really an issue – the closet doors worked (sort of). Eventually though, I’d say within the past three years, they became harder to close. I had visions of the doors bashing me on the head during an earthquake.

Three weeks ago the manager knocked on my apartment door, explaining that the carpenter was in the building. The plan was: take measurements; custom order the doors; wait for their arrival; then install them.

Last Friday, DD told me they would be doing the installation on Monday. Dare I hold my breath? As promised, two gentlemen appeared, ready to get to work. An hour later it was all over except for the Windexing. You might think I was relieved to know that there was no longer a possibility of getting bonked on the head (I’m assuming it’s tempered glass). Couldn’t have cared less.

The real reason I was so anxious to have the new mirrored closet doors installed? I’m going to a share a secret (don’t tell the building manager).  It was because of my writing desk. When it stood on the opposite wall from where it is now, the nightstand fit. However, when I moved the bed and writing desk to the shorter wall, I had to use the serpentine front accent chest as a bedside table and stash the nightstand in the cupboard in order to make room for everything. I liked it in the hallway; I wanted the night table back (it’s wider – I can place a book on it in the dark without it falling off).

I showed some restraint – I took a picture of the new doors while waiting for the sound of the elevator before I made the switch. Now it’s perfect, although waking up to Sleeping Beauty every morning’s going to be a bit of a challenge. Maybe she’ll learn to sleep on her other side.

New Closet Doors


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