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My Top 10 for 2014

July 1 at Canada Place

Canada Day 2014

As one year closes and a new one opens, I would like to make note of the top 10 highlights that made 2014 memorable for me.

10. Taking an impromptu trip to Granville Island and discovering a china tea infuser mug at Eklectic Finds. It’s still adding that simple joy factor to a cup of tea after a busy day.

9.   Having my morning cup of coffee with the penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium ever since I discovered the penguin cam. Watching their antics for 15 minutes or so just seems to make the day a bit brighter.

8.   Reconnecting with and meeting new people as I continue to grow my freelance business.

7.   Discovering VOD and all the extra channels my cable provider added. The Sundance and movie stations are my faves.

6.   Prepared to scrap the novel I’ve been working on since 1992, but ended up being re-energized and inspired by a friend’s words. I’ve been consistently working on it ever since that conversation with her.

5.   Seeing A Most Wanted Man at the theatre.

4.   Going to Revolver, a coffee shop in downtown Vancouver where you don’t just drink a cup of coffee – you experience it.

3.   Taking part in Canada Day celebrations at Canada Place; discovering Said the Whale (thoroughly enjoyed their music).

2.   Receiving a pair of beautiful amethyst (my birthstone) earrings for my birthday from two friends.

1.   Going to Bard on the Beach as a guest of a friend to see The Tempest.

Most things on this list don’t involve anything earth-shattering like winning the lottery or taking a trip or even ziplining a city. But each in their own way made 2014 very memorable.

~ Happy New Year ~


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