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Box Store Bust

Lougheed Mall Grainery Cafe

                     Sourced from Lougheed Town Centre website

In the past week and a half, I’ve been on more interviews than I have in the previous two months. Which is a good thing, but in the process of selecting an outfit for an upcoming job interview on Tuesday, it occurred to me that I need some new blouses – the current ones are becoming a tad shabby.

I went to Lougheed Shopping Mall because I like the ratio of box store to boutique options; the theory being what I can’t find in one, I might find in the other. But today was a box store bust; I didn’t find anything that I liked in the smaller, independent clothing shops, either.

So I took myself off to the food court for a bite to eat before going home. Usually I immediately head for the “good stuff” – high calorie treats like fried chicken, french fries or burritos with extra (extra) sour cream. However, The Grainery Cafe sign caught my eye. Off the main food court area, it had its own seating, real cutlery, real dishes and generally looked inviting to someone (like me) who was peopled out and empty-handed blouse wise. The final selling point was the menu – sandwiches, soups, pasta favourites like lasagna and mac and cheese, everything homemade. I ended up with an egg salad sandwich/soup combo and was a very happy camper. The desserts looked like something my mother just pulled out of the oven and left on the counter to cool. I wanted a piece of the lemon meringue pie, but figured I had enough of a treat for one day.

Besides, I need an excuse to go back. Definitely made the trek to the shopping mall not entirely a waste of time.


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