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Portrait of a Friendship One Card at a Time

Greeting cards handmade

On my continuing quest to pare down and get rid of non-essentials, during the past couple of months I weeded my decades-old collection of greeting cards, gift tags and letters from two (very bulging) accordion files, two magazine holders and one (overstuffed) file folder to one slim file folder. But when I arrived at the collection of handcrafted greeting cards my friend LK has sent to me over the 35 plus years we have been friends, my fierce inner organizer was halted in her tracks. Each card has a handwritten message that not only honours the occasion but is still relevant after all this time.

Handcrafted Card with envelope
This little gem came with its own envelope, made of overlapping circles. The top half of each circle is folded to make a square; then tucked in like the flaps of a cardboard box to close it.

Two handmade greeting cards
The handmade card on the left, featuring the fossilized leaf technique originating from the Philippines, celebrated my 50th birthday. The paper of the main part of the card is also handcrafted. LK gave me the one on the right to mark my dad’s passing in 2011.

Four handcrafted cards

Upper left: Christmas card 2008
Upper right: Birthday card showcasing tea bag folding with Xocai chocolate wrappers
Lower left: A reusable card by removing the insert and replacing it with the enclosed blank one (yeah, right, that’s going to happen!)
Lower right: A hospitality thank you card after one of LK’s visits to Vancouver.

My plan for the LK set of cards was to keep only the “important” ones. But even the occasional mass production blank cards she mailed for birthdays and Christmases, were inked with special sentiments and encouraging phrases. The handmade greeting cards are works of art I couldn’t bring myself to banish to the recycling bin. They are now resting comfortably in an envelope in the top drawer of my night table, where they are easily accessible whenever I need a friendship reminder mixed in with a pinch of inspiration.


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