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Too Much of a Good Thing

In the past, I’ve had serious issues with my cable provider. For a person that doesn’t find change (of any kind) an easy thing to handle, nothing has pushed my buttons as quickly as finding that my TV channel lineup has been edited/shifted around yet again. I started out with the 3-tier package, simply because it included some sports stations that aired live feed of F1 racing.

For the last two years, they’ve been “encouraging” me to upgrade to a digital box. Not necessarily a good thing to suggest to a technophobe who already watches too much television. So, bravely resisting all temptations to upgrade, both from my current provider and their competitor, I was content with the cable channel package I have now; the one that evolved from the 3-tier super-duper one I originally had eons ago.

But earlier this week, when I went to change the station, I keyed in a wrong number. Instead of saying that I need to subscribe, it actually displayed a TV programme. Twenty minutes of exploration later, I found a lot more cable channels than I thought I was getting. By now I was curious – were the extra channels perhaps a preview promotion for a limited time only? After visiting the cable provider’s website and reading the channel listings for my area, I made the happy  discovery that these “extra” stations have been part of my regular lineup since March 25.

Since Thursday, except for a couple of outings and watching the fireworks, I have been (literally, or at least it feels like it) glued to my TV. My favourites so far appear to be GameTV, Spark (they better renew Twisted), WMovies, Nickelodeon (I know it’s for kids but it kinda fun) and  SundanceTV.

Of course, I can’t see myself abandoning the old standbys – AMC (Mad Men, Halt and Catch Fire), any TV channel dedication to airing movies, Knowledge and the 2 PBS stations I watch faithfully. Hopefully my cable channel adventure doesn’t end up to be yet another case of too much of a good thing.


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