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Sunday’s Ambulatory Adventure

Busker Festival 2014

Sunday morning, on my way back from returning an overdue library book, I noticed that Granville Street was blocked off. So I went to investigate. Turns out, I had discovered the Vancouver International Busker Festival (day 2). Local entertainers to performers from as far away as Australia and New Zealand took part.

La Chocolateria Booth

There were plenty of street vendors to add to the festive atmosphere. But of course this one, La Chocolaterie, especially won my heart. If you look at the front row where there is only one container, the chocolates are in the shape of vegetables (including broccoli and carrot) and apparently taste like the veggies too. I had to ask the owner how popular they were – and he replied “Very popular.” After several samples, I chose the mango (white chocolate) and ginger (dark chocolate). I don’t usually enjoy white chocolate because it tastes waxy to me, but the mango sample was so smooth and tasty I had to have more.

2014 Busker Fest

The busker called Byron from England (red shirt) is actually from Vancouver. Here he has persuaded a volunteer from the audience to climb on the pole, which will then be lit on fire. I’ve seen him perform before, mainly on Granville Island. On Sunday, he didn’t disappoint; he was as funny and entertaining as I remembered.


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