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What’s in My Purse?

I remember making a comment once to a male friend that if I ever lost my purse, my life as I knew it would be over. It’s true. Lately, even more so, since I seem reluctant to be separated from paper and pen in case I’m struck by inspiration. I haven’t been in high gear writing mode for awhile, so I’m not complaining.

But recently, every time I walk out of the house, I feel like I’m packing for a long-distance trip. My purse bulges, literally, at the seams. In addition to the usual purse stuff like wallet, makeup bag and a travel-size hairbrush, I must have with me all those items conducive to my writing process – my all-purpose journal, my blogging journal, my camera, and a small selection of Ink Joys (I cannot tell you how much I love these pens). This week the colour combo is blue, green and purple. Aside weighing heavily on my shoulder, it became cumbersome and unwieldy.

Over the years, I’ve collected different kinds of reusable tote bags. One day last week, I made an executive decision. I selected the one that loudly declares in hot pink writing on black microfiber fabric with a hot pink trim, “Furry & Fabulous.”

It’s deposited by the door, packed and ready to go the next time I leave the apartment. You know, just in case I want to jot an idea down or add a passage to my novel while I’m on a bus or waiting in line for a coffee.


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