Portable Organ

Sherlock-Manning Organ

I started piano lessons when I was four. My parents held off buying a piano until it was established that I liked it and would be playing it for some time to come. In the meantime, my grandmother lent her portable organ to me so that I could practice. I can’t imagine myself at four working the pedals but apparently I did. I do remember that it was put in the hallway outside my bedroom and that whenever I practiced, the stool I sat on (and by default, me too) blocked passage to the bathroom.

I have no idea how long my grandmother owned the Sherlock-Manning organ before I started using it to learn how to play piano. But I have a feeling that it might be a collectible of some kind. I originally took this picture to send to some antique stores to see if they wanted to buy it. I inherited the organ in 1984 from my grandmother. I brought it with me when I moved to Vancouver simply because I wasn’t ready to part with it, even though I have not played the piano since I was 16. Now it’s taking up cupboard space when someone else can enjoy it. Finding a place that will take it is on my weekend to-do list.


2 comments on “Portable Organ

  1. Hello, I have the very same suitcase organ and I am wondering what you found out about it. What year is it? How much did you sell it for?
    send me a message. Thanks.

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