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Shower area bathroom

My bathroom is in crisis again. Technically it has been for about a year now. Remember my post about a man in my bathtub? The building manager kept promising me that he would have the shower area repainted where it had peeled away from around the access panel when they were checking for leaks. But he never followed up. Which (I hate to admit it) turned out to be a good thing. Because at the end of February and the beginning of March, they had to remove the access panel for the plumber to install a new drain for the apartment above me. The panel is only held in place by two screws and has sunk down even lower than seen here. Also the peeling is slowly creeping its way down the shower head wall.

I intend on taking more pictures to document the shower area’s demise. Even though I have visions of the access panel breaking free and clonking me on the head, I know there’s a slim chance of it really happening (it’s not that heavy). In a way I’m hoping they don’t fix it – I can actually hear the people upstairs whenever they speak in or near their bathroom. Fortunately for them, they’re usually not conversing in English.

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