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Saved by the VOD

Last Sunday, I missed the premiere of Mad Men Season 7. Don’t ask me how it happened, because I couldn’t really tell you. (I hang my head in puzzlement and confusion as I write this.) Since the end of Season 6, I kept tabs on AMC forums and other social media for my in-between-seasons news fix about the show and its actors. But for some reason, I thought Episode 1 was to air Easter weekend.

Imagine my surprise earlier this week when I saw people on Facebook talking about the latest adventures of Jon Hamm et al. I waited almost a year for the start of Season 7 and I missed it? Say it wasn’t so! I must confess, I panicked. I looked for repeat air dates on the online TV guide I use. I had missed those too! Then I remembered seeing Mad Men Season 6 on VOD. So I went looking for Episode 1 of Season 7 on video on demand and there it was. Over the weekend, I’ve made up for lost time. I’ve seen it three times since mid-week when it first appeared and I’m now I’m ready for Episode 2 later this evening. I won’t make that mistake again that’s for sure!

It was summertime, 2007. I was bored, muttering the typical complaint underneath my breath of having all these cable stations, but there was nothing to watch. I was clicking through the stations just trying to find a movie. Then I stumbled on “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and I was hooked.

Before Mad Men I don’t ever remember experiencing a television show like I would a movie: the characters are multidimensional; it looks and feels like European cinematography; the  story lines in each episode are intricately layered. I’m sure there must be well-crafted TV shows before Mad Men, but I just had never been aware of them before.

Although, I still can’t believe this is the last season. I knew that Matt Weiner had always planned to end the series in the 60s – he said he couldn’t visualize them in the next decade. I didn’t realize that Season 6 ended in November of 1968 and Season 7 opens in January of 1969. I need more time with Don Draper…one more season just isn’t enough.



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