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Mink Chocolate West Hastings

Tomorrow is my birthday. Another year older; another year younger; another year wiser; another year to explore. Should the universe be listening, to help make it a memorable year, here is my birthday wish list for 2014.

In no particular order:

  • A bottle of Elie Saab perfume. Or better yet, a dress designed by ES to wear to my Oscar party
  • Ferrari 458 Italia – no I haven’t abandoned my dream of owning a Lambo – the Italia is just for fun until my real car comes along
  • All-expenses paid trip to Monaco Grand Prix (May 25th)
  • Lifetime maid service. But I’d be grateful for even just a year
  • Books either for reading or writing in. A journal should have a picture on the cover of something inspiring like a map of an imaginary place; Hemingway’s Paris; a Mediterranean landscape
  • A spa day
  • Amethyst jewelry – because it’s my birthstone (and because it’s purple!)
  • Complete DVD set of Homeland (seasons 1,2 and 3) – Brad Pitt will always be the keeper of my heart, but Damien Lewis is first alternate for the dubious honour

Dear Universe, I know it’s short notice, but if none of the above is possible within the aforementioned time frame, the old standby will do. Just send chocolate.


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