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Surrey, Wrong Country

Today, using a job search engine I particularly like, I discovered the perfect job for me in Surrey. It was a library position that required the candidate to have a proven record of working with young people in education; strong computer-assist and IT skills; and a passion for literature. This last qualification really got me excited – imagine working for an employer who required you to have a passion for literature!

Then the pound sign in front of the listing for the annual salary caught my eye. The job is actually in Surrey, England. Which is very disappointing. This specific job search engine pulls job postings from all over the world, but when I search for jobs in Vancouver, including cities in the Lower Mainland, it is not able, for some reason to differentiate between Surrey in the UK and Surrey in British Columbia.

The first time this happened to me (a couple of years ago now), I sent an email to the webmaster explaining that I didn’t think this job was in Surrey, BC, since when I applied online for the position, it asked me if I had a permit to work in the UK or an EU passport. I didn’t expect a reply, but when I did get one, I was advised that I had reached a leading search engine for jobs and that I should inquire about immigration or obtaining legal work permits from the appropriate government agency. I replied to this email stating that while conducting a job search for the Vancouver, BC area, postings for Surrey, England were being included, and they might want to fix that.

Since I emailed the job search engine webmaster, it’s happened several times – I’ll see a job posting for which I think I’m the perfect candidate, and then realize it’s in the wrong country. Never before today, though, has it made me seriously consider taking the webmaster’s advice and inquire to the appropriate government agency about moving to Surrey, England. At least I know they have jobs there.



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