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Laundry Experiment a Success

There are many good things to say about apartment living – in our block, the laundry room dryers is not one of them. It seems that I am always (and that’s no exaggeration) taking a load of laundry out of the dryer and having to air dry items that are partially damp or even wet. I expect this outcome when I’m “saving” money and overload the dryer, but not when I’ve meticulously played by the rules and I still end up with laundry I can’t fold and put away immediately.

You know those emails people send you about household tips to make your life easier; the ones you might read, keep in your inbox until you print them out and then never get around to actually using any of them? Well, a couple of months ago, I received one that included several laundry tip. It said that if you added a dry towel to your wet laundry, your laundry would dry faster.

For some reason this particular laundry tip stuck in my head. Mainly because my writer’s imagination started running away with me – scenario one: Mr. Dryer discovers that an undercover agent, Mr. Dry Towel, had infiltrated his secret operation; scenario two: Person loading dryer coaches wet laundry by placing an example (dry towel) in their midst; scenario three: wet laundry finds dry towel lurking in the dryer and they all run screaming from the laundry room in “The Case of the Frightened Load of Laundry.”

Anyway, this morning, when I had to do two loads of towels (clean bathroom, but no clean oversize bath towels), I decided why not try it? So I did. In each dryer I added one dryer sheet and one dry towel. I suppose if I had wanted to make this a real laundry experiment, I would have only put a dry towel in one machine. I must admit, my expectations were low when I went to claim my laundry. To my surprise and delight, not a single item was the slightest bit damp. But for today, I’m just happy I don’t have to drape damp towels on the backs of chairs.


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