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It’s a New Year Now What?

Earlier today while on Facebook, someone posted that there are only 356 days to Christmas 2014. It made me laugh. I know there are people out there that actually do know just how many days are left on any given day. But after laughing, it made think about how fast time goes. I also realized I really wasn’t ready yet to take on the New Year – it seems that I was just writing 2012 on my January rent cheque and having to change the year to 2013.

And after reviewing the past year, it feels like 2013 had more downs than ups: my computer crashed twice in less than a three-week period; after adding up all the freelance opportunities for 2013, bottom line is my freelance business has shrunk rather than expanded; I’m still searching for a fulfilling career; and I’m dealing with some health issues that probably became worse because I’m a procrastinator (in my personal life) and didn’t deal with them right from the start.

January 1st started off just fine, until I wanted to get a jump on January 2nd by organizing my Work Search folders. I looked at the folders titled  Cover Letters_Job Descriptions 2011, Cover Letters_Job Descriptions 2012 and Cover Letters_Job Descriptions 2013. It occurred to me that it was now a New Year and I’d have to add Cover Letters_Job Descriptions 2014. Which made me wonder (very briefly, okay not so briefly) if 2014 was going to be any different from 2013.  I panicked.

So I did what any self-respecting Mad Men junkie would do. I time-travelled to New York City, 1960 via Mad Men Season 1. Safely armed with the remote, I warded off the ill effects of modern technology (“Don’t be intimidated by all this technology [Joan’s referring to an electric typewriter]. The men who designed it made it so simple that even a woman can use it.”) and all disturbing thoughts of what the future has in store. I don’t know about 2014, but 1960 looks very appealing.

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