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Phoning You

The day I prided myself on joining the 21st century by buying a cordless phone, was the same day that my sister got her new iPhone. Which now strikes me as ironic, since I still seem to be getting her voice mail more often than not. I find it a little frustrating, especially since we live 1,500 miles apart. Sometimes, I just want to hear her voice telling me her news, and not read about it in an email.

Consequently, this post is for my sister. But you’re more than welcome to “listen” in.

Sis, here we go now – I’m dialing – it’s ringing – hey! you answered.

You know the Peggy Cove hoodie that you gave me? It’s one of my favourite things to wear. I put it underneath my jacket when I go shopping when it’s raining, so I can cover my and not have to use an umbrella while I need two hands to haul home groceries.

I am paring down and simplifying one room at a time. My bedroom is almost the way I want. I have taken in the oil painting of “Parklands” to be framed. When I get it back and hang it, I’ll take pics and blog about it (of course I will!).

I have definitively decided to no longer bang my head against the wall a.k.a. novel writing. I feel perfectly happy with the decision to concentrate on other types of composition, especially shorter ones!

Yes, a Lamborghini is still on the top of my Christmas wishlist to Santa. Along with a council flat in Scotland (hey, it worked for J. K Rowling; I’m hoping it will work a little magic on my writing). But you know,you always send good stuff…and I’ve been extra good this year.

So, what’s new with you?

Anyway, my sister’s lucky I “phoned” her here – the last time I picked up the phone to call was around 9:30 Pacific time (11:30 her time).



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