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Castle Hunting

Castle in Kerrisdale

One of my clients works in Kerrisdale, and beginning October, the two or three days every week I go to her office, the bus passes by a castle. The first time I saw it, I had been reading; when I looked up, there it was. As the bus moved on, it was gone from sight in an eye blink, in amongst the trees.

Kerrisdale Castle

Did I imagine it?

Front doors of castle

Since my first glimpse of the castle house, I’ve seen it most often through the trees, and sometimes, if I turn my head fast enough, I see a diagonal view of the front, as the bus climbs the hill.When I remember to be on the lookout for it, it’s always the two turrets (one round, one square) at the back of the house from the lane that I end up clearly seeing consistently.

Front Gate Kerrisdale Catle

Ever since I first caught sight of it, I have been wanting to see the castle up close and personal. I tried yesterday on my way back from my client’s place. But when I went to take a picture, the battery died. I woke up today with no excuse – a beautiful sunny, fall Vancouver Saturday. So off I went castle hunting.

Castle backyard pool

Call me a romantic, but there is something about castles (even just castle houses) that imply secrets concealed in their very walls. Castles could tell you some really good stories if they were so inclined. They also tend to conjure visions of intrigues involving exotic poisons or kings and princes gathered in front of a roaring fire in a wood-beamed room, talking of battles past and planning battles yet to come. And of course no dream castle is complete without a drawbridge. Unfortunately, my Kerrisdale castle only had a pool in the backyard.


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