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Growing Up (Finally!)

The first person I ever encountered who had a five-year plan was one of the editors at the community newspaper I freelanced for in Winnipeg in the 80s. During a shared lunch one day, VB told me that she had recently, on paper, set out her goals and a set of steps to accomplish those goals for the next five years.

The idea of doing such a thing astounded me. I am the kind of person that drifts through my world, waiting for things to happen to me…the whatever will be will be philosophy of life. The thought of defining what I wanted and then outlining a plan to make it happen was a totally foreign concept. Since my first introduction to a personal five-year plan and goal setting, I have, off and on, managed to set goals and achieve the desired results.

However, since being laid-off in March of 2011, no amount of writing goals down appeared to do a bit of good – it seems that the universe is not interested in what I want. Part of the problem I see now is that I was embarrassed to be the age I am and still be trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. The other part of the problem was I gave up.

I missed the whole point of goal setting. It’s not a wish list, but rather a painting. The desired result is the big picture and each goal and outlined step are the brush strokes. A five-year plan seemed too intimidating, but I could quite comfortably see three years into my future. It’s written down in my “How to Improve My Life” notebook.

And part of my three-year plan is to stay on course!


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