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Sunday Brunch Visitor

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Today I was determined to get ready for the upcoming week. In addition to puttering and reading (Watership Down, which I discovered on my bookshelves yesterday when dusting but don’t recall having ever read it), this is my usual intention for a Sunday. But it typically turns into more reading than the-week-ahead-prep. Go figure.

I was also tempted to disrupt this upcoming week’s grocery and household budgets by going somewhere for Sunday brunch. But I managed to resist the temptation and cooked myself a pretty satisfying meal instead. (2 over easy eggs – seasoned, 3 strips of bacon, 1 slice of toast, 1/2 grapefruit – lightly dusted with brown sugar, freshly brewed coffee – milk added until golden brown.)

On my way to the balcony to clean off the patio table, I was about to open the balcony door when Jonathan Livingston Seagull (all seagulls are so named just like all computers are named Hal) landed on the railing. I keep forgetting how big a seagull actually is up close. Nice and plump, I was afraid he would tip over the planter he hopped into. I decided to brunch indoors at my dining table.

But first I had to grab my camera. There’s a crow that visits regularly, and I’ve been trying to snap a pic of him/her for awhile, without success. Mr. Livingston was a little more cooperative.  He was still there 20 minutes later after I had finished eating. Up on the rail for a few minutes; then back into the planter, occasionally pawing the earth like a horse. The seagull didn’t seem to be doing any harm. I sat back down at the computer and forgot about him.

Next time I looked up, Jonathan Livingston had flown away.


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