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Recovering from the DLL Blues

The computer was having issues. So I got it fixed, essentially getting updated computer components along with a new monitor (that did not need tubes) and speakers. It was working fine except for runtime errors. Someone suggested that I download updates, and the runtime error messages should disappear. Everything seemed to be okay until I rebooted the computer after the downloads were completed.

That’s when I got the Dynamic Library Link blues. Of course it happened on the BC long weekend; the computer repair company I called couldn’t send a technician out until Wednesday. The good thing about having computer woes is the downtime. While I couldn’t be online, I’ve been getting some of the things done that have been on my projects list, including organizing my hall walk-in closet. Which meant I finally had to deal with the boxes that had been shipped to me from Winnipeg last year.

I had unpacked one box and found a place for each of the two tables and one chest of drawers, but three other boxes were waiting patiently to be put away. One of the treasures that I found was The Drum Battle: Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich at JATP recorded in 1952. I gave the CD to my dad as a Christmas present after he admitted that he didn’t know who Buddy Rich was. (Dad had met Gene Krupa in Chicago during WWII.) Throughout the 50s and 60s, Krupa and Rich repeated their original drum battle in one form or another. The drum battle was supposed to settle once and for all who was the best jazz drummer. (The jury’s still out on that one.) Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I did a lot of house work – cleaning, sorting, organizing – with the help of  Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.

After spending three hours fixing my computer on Wednesday, the computer technician had to come back yesterday to iron out some more kinks. Recovering from the DLL blues, I’m finding, is a study in patience. Yes, Humpty Dumpty has been put back together, but now it’s a matter of setting up the programs I use on a daily basis like Word and Outlook to how they were configured before.

I’m sure it’s nothing two of the world’s best jazz drummers can’t cure.

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