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Progress or The Never Ending Saga of Gone is Gone

This past week has been very trying for me. I suppose in light of actual crises, it’s not very high on the list. After all it was only a bout of computer woes. It happens to everyone; it happens all the time; it happens. But for some reason technology is not my friend and nothing can send me faster into a tail spin than my computer not working as I expect it to.

It started in November of last year with the sound disappearing. In April I finally called a computer service company that makes house calls. The technician warned me that the system needs replacing – the CRT monitor probably sooner than the tower.  Last week his prophecy came true, but in reverse. The monitor was hanging in there but it was the motherboard that got fried, which could have accounted for the constant freezing. When it finally appeared that it would no longer respond to constant praying and the muttering of very specific curses, I called a friend who has his own computer repair company.

To make a long story short, Tigger, the screen wipe my sister gave me one Christmas, is now homeless because of progress. My nice brand new shiny monitor is so thin (another thing about progress I don’t understand – why is a monitor thin and I am not) that he can no longer be perched on top of the screen like he was on the old CRT monitor. The tower has a bunch of new stuff in it and works much better. Since Windows had to be re-installed, I lost all of the emails about my dad – the earliest ones saved dated back to 2007. Also gone are all my resume/job hunting emails, both sent and received.

It’s something I definitely have to work on; my attitude that progress is more loss than gain. I’m still recovering from the progress we’ve made in the movie industry – movies don’t come in film cans any more and the profession of projectionist has all but disappeared. Like I said, to me progress seems to be a lot of loss for not much gain.

Although, I must confess I do like my “new” computer – the speakers have a lot more power; the monitor is bigger; and the computer is faster. Okay, so maybe progress isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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