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Kitchen Organizing Teapots

Today I finished what I started last Sunday. Of course, when cleaning cupboards, the dominoes effect comes into play. You move one thing to somewhere else, you need to move some another thing to make room for the thing you moved in the first place. And so it goes. A week later my kitchen is a masterpiece of organization.

In the spirit of paring down, clearing out and living simply with less stuff, I started off my kitchen organizing project with my glassware. I took down the glasses from two shelves. After I washed them, I sorted them into alcohol drinking glasses (wine, shot, liqueur, etc.) and non-alcohol drinking glasses (water, juice, etc.). I wanted to move the ones I use less (wine) up on the higher shelf and put the glasses and glass bowls I use every day on a lower one.

I cleared out the mugs from rectangular cupboard with sliding drawers situated underneath glassware cupboard. I removed the drawers and transformed it into a display case for my teapots.

I went through drawers and cupboards full of kitchen gadgets I have: a) not used in years; b) never ever knew their names or purposes; c) duplicates of. I cleaned my cutlery tray and reorganized the drawer it was in. I also bought a drawer organizer for the countertop cupboard between the stove and fridge.

On one visit to my dad’s when he was still living in his house, I opened the cupboard door above his stove and found a mishmash of items. I gave my dad the interior designer organizing lecture 101 that can be simply summed up by “Like with like.” So imagine my surprise (take my advise; I’m not using it!) when I found my pots and pans in two different places and canned goods unhappily residing with boxes of cereal, crackers and pasta.

It seems like such a simple thing to wipe down shelves, wash glassware and throw out or give away unwanted items. But it gives me such an enormous sense of satisfaction now to walk into the kitchen.

If only I can get that lazy maid I hired to keep it that way!


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