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How I Ended Up with a Man in My Bathtub

I came home last night from the grocery store totally engrossed in plotting and running a section of character-driven dialogue in my head. My apartment is at the end of the hallway, next to the fire door.  Just as I put the key in the lock and swung the suite door open, the fire door opened and someone said “Hey, I need to get into your bathroom.” There I stood with a bag of groceries in each had and the door to my suite wide open. Needless to say I freaked.

When I finally turned my attention from plotting a novel and put my heart back in my chest, turns out I know the gentleman. DW assists the building manager. In the past, we’ve had several interesting conversations when riding the elevator together. The reason why he appeared out of nowhere to “accost” me was because he discovered a leak in the system – it seemed to have started somewhere on one of the upper floors, so the building manager sent him to check my bathroom along with a couple of others on floors above and below me. He checked the ceiling above the bathtub and the area around the shower head (no sign of water anywhere). And much to my embarrassment, he apologized profusely for scaring me.

Not even 15 minutes later, just as I had settled myself down in front of the TV, someone knocked on the door. This time it was the building manager with another gentlemen in tow. Which is how I ended up with a very good looking man in my bathtub. When DW couldn’t pinpoint the leak, the building manager brought the plumber up. He climbed into the tub to open the shower’s access panel and still couldn’t find anything. He warned me that it could still come from my bathroom but they would need to break open the tile. And he didn’t want to have to do that.

They left to explore other bathrooms, and as of late this evening, they have not been back. Since they threatened to return, I didn’t bother cleaning up. Which is a good thing because the only evidence I have of a man standing in my bathtub are a few scattered paint chips.

Soon there will be another man in the tub – this time he won’t be a plumber and I’ll know his name (Mr. Clean).


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