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Random Rabbit Ruminations

Wade 3-bunny nursery set

Today when I woke up, I remembered to say “Rabbit” first thing before I said anything else. According to one of a host of Grade 5 superstitions and magical thinking formulas, if you did this, then you would have good luck for the entire month.

For some reason my mother frowned upon our Grade 5 tradition. She preferred to be greeted by a civil “Good Morning” rather than “Rabbit” which, in retrospect, is a bit puzzling since my mother was crazy about bunnies of any shape or kind. Over the years, I gave my mother a number of bunny collectibles made of bronze, china, pewter, silver and wax (yes, it was a rabbit candle).  But it was her reaction to the nursery set of Wade bunnies that I remember best. She squealed with glee – I had never seen her so emotive or excited before about a birthday gift.

The other rabbit story that came to mind after I started thinking of rabbits earlier today was the friendly but animated discussion I had with G., a women I worked with at Winnipeg School Division. It was the typical argument about popular music between two people from different generations. G. had made a comment about a top-40 song I particularly liked (“Every Rose has its Thorn” by Poison). I responded by mentioning a song titled “Run Rabbit Run” by the British singing and comedy act, Flanagan and Allen I knew she would be familiar with. The chorus consists of:

Run rabbit – run rabbit – Run!Run!Run!
Goes the farmer’s gun.
Run, rabbit, run, rabbit, run.
Run rabbit – run rabbit – Run!Run!Run!
Don’t give the farmer his fun!Fun!Fun!

So I made a crack about how complicated the lyrics were. It turns out, the song is actually a social commentary on how British people during World War II were encouraged to keep rabbits and chickens for food to help make rationed meat go further. I was (happily – I love learning quirky history tidbits) put in my place.

Don’t forget to shout “Rabbit” very loudly on July 1st if you want a month’s worth of good luck. But you may indulge in any random rabbit ruminations at your own discretion.


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