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Pisces Logic

My astrological sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions. That might explain a few things. Like how most days I feel torn, indecisive or at sea about the day in general or specific issues in particular. Or how a prairie gal came to be living in Vancouver by the ocean. Or how if my emotions could be measured by a barometer, the poor thing would be worn out inside of a week.

Yes, Pisces tend to feel things very passionately,  believe things very strongly, and love intensely.  In short, we can be a little difficult to deal with at times. But what I like best about being a Pisces is that while I have this very emotional aspect to my personality, it is tempered by logic. Although, I think it can safely be said of creativity or any type of creative person, that anything we create, produce or accomplish is the delicate blending together of passion and logic. I would like to console myself that this is the reason I often find the writing process challenging – this tug-of-war with finding the balance between being passionate while remaining logical.

I don’t read my daily horoscope; I often don’t read it months at a time, and only then for fun – it doesn’t ruin my day if I don’t receive money in the mail or a dark handsome stranger doesn’t appear at my door (well, the latter might more than the former). I don’t believe that Virgo in the ninth house had, has or ever will have any bearing on the various outcomes in my life. I just find it interesting – in light of my writing process – that I’m a mystical being swimming in two different directions.


One comment on “Pisces Logic

  1. Share your thoughts – i’m a taurean , though i’m not a hardworking bull , i’m lazy and love nature . I find horoscopes just that – interesting and i believe there are two extremes – prototypes for every sunsign for eg. there’s a hard headed bull and also a creative type like shakespeare.

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